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Chronic Kidney Disease—Act Before its Too Late

Also known as Chronic Renal Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD is a secretive but possibly deadly disorder that’s non-discerning and can strike any individual at any point of time due to its tendency of going undetected for years, let alone months. The disease frequently goes unchecked as the person suffering is incognizant of the unseen symptoms until it gets too late. As a result, kidneys reach in end stage renal disease or ESRD.

Defined by about 90% kidney function loss, end-stage renal disease once diagnosed has only one life-saving cure i.e. long-lasting kidney dialysis or kidney transplant.

Cause of Chronic Kidney Disease

The most prevalent causes of this disease are

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetic nephropathy, and
  • Glomerulonephritis.

All these causes come together to chip in 75% of CKD cases.

Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Mimicking other disorders such as chronic fatigue, flu, and fibromyalgia, CKD symptoms embrace everything from feeling weak and tired, loss of appetite, problem concentrating, problem sleeping, hidden nausea to swelling in feet and ankles.

Moreover, a normal feeling of fever, advanced kidney disorder patients undergo increased atherosclerosis, increased bone damage (damage of phosphorus and calcium), and are more anticipated to establish heart disease than the common population.

Sufferers bothered by CKD and heart disease are likely to have considerably worse diagnosis than those undergoing only from latter one.

Risk factors involved with Chronic Kidney Disease

Diabetes, high blood pressure, polycystic kidney disease or CKD are the top risk factors involving Chronic Kidney disease or CKD. People having a family member or near relative suffering from these diseases is also a big risk for CKD.  

What role you can play?

Self-caution and information is important for keeping good kidney health and maintaining CKD under control. Just some of the stuff you can do to prevent kidney disease and let your kidneys stay healthy is to go for early finding—request a routine blood test and urinalysis from your family physician (serum creatinine and protein can be discovered in initial tests), and also function to cut down your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as latter is a fat and fats turn kidney flexibility more problematic.  

Be proactive and take help from qualified renal experts who, by studying your blood, kidneys (imaging, x-rays and more), fluid (urine), can suggest and prescribe alternate preventive cures to maintain your kidneys healthier and happier.

So, what are you waiting for? If you or someone from your family and friends is suffering from this deadly disease, act before it’s too late.

Learn more about chronic kidney disease at

Post by Emily Thomas (2016-05-02 13:30)

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